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Hi everyone, in this quick article we will look at three different ways to create an Angular Custom Form Component, in both Template-driven declaration and Reactive Forms. We are not going dive into detail about these implementations, however, for each a working example will be provided. We also will discuss some pros and cons of each approach.

This article is heavily based on the Kara Erickson presentation on Angular Connect 2017, so take a look at her explanation if you can.

You gonna need to know something about Angular Forms, both Template-driven declaration and Reactive Forms, and you have to…

Implementing Storybook in an Angular multi-application project

Hi everyone, in this article we will have a look at how to implement Storybook in an existing Angular multi-application project. The motivation behind this is the difficulty I had when implementing Storybook in a real Angular project, a 3 years old multi-application project that has been tooled and migrated from previous versions, creating a miss-match of Node packages versions that, even without causing a problem during installation, generated a number bugs when running Storybook, bugs that were not present in projects recently created by Angular CLI. So let’s roll.

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